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My name is Will Reddell, I am a photographer based out of St. Louis Missouri, as well as a husband and father.


I was born and raised in Midland, Texas with two brothers and a sister and our amazing parents. I'm a proud Texan at heart but just as proud and blessed to be in the great state of Missouri and call St. Louis my home. I have my amazing wife to thank for bringing me to this great place and be able to do what I love.


Although my education and background are in video production, I decided to move into photography and have been working professionally since 2017. My photography style is very candid with minimal posing and is very much linked to my background in film. I want to capture the moment in its most natural form and feel the emotion in each frame. To me, what makes for a timeless image is not just the frame, lighting, or composition of the photo. It’s just as important to feel the moment as it was captured, and see the story being told from a single frame. It is my job to help create those moments or, in better terms, allow those moments and emotions to take root by creating a candid and natural environment. I want to make my subjects feel as comfortable as if the camera wasn’t around and allow them to be in their element and just have fun throughout the session. Everyone has a story that they want to be told and memories that last forever and that is what I strive to capture.


Lastly, I’m always open to ideas and suggestions and try to give clients as much creative freedom as possible. I always give direction and suggestions but at the end of the day, these are your moments and your photos to have forever and I’m just there to capture it.

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