My name is Will Reddell, I am a photographer based out of St. Louis Missouri and a husband to Rosie. 


I was born and raised in Midland, Texas with two brothers and a sister and our amazing parents. I am a proud Texan at heart but am just as proud and blessed to be in the great state of Missouri and call St. Louis my home. What got me here is somewhat of a long story but in short, the Lord has blessed me in so many ways and guided me through an amazing journey to where I am now.


One of the best feelings for me is being able to capture a moment in time that can tell a story in a single frame. Everyone has a story that they want to be told, memories we want to last forever, and this is what drives my passion as a photographer. Every image should capture the feeling of that moment, and the people who are blessed to be a part of it. When we look back on those moments in time, we want to re-live the experience, feel the same emotions, and remember the times we cherish. We try to reflect this as much as possible in our candid style of work. We believe the best moments are the ones that are genuine and capture the feeling and emotions that were felt.


I like to look back at old albums, or old pictures I forgot even existed, and remember the moments and the people that have shaped me into who I am today. Growing up in Midland with two brothers and a sister with two amazing parents taught me the value of maintaining a good work ethic, good attitude, and the importance of relationships. I’ve always wanted to do something that not only brought me joy, but also brought joy to the others around me. I didn't know what that was but I knew I would find it. I loved movies and TV shows growing up and was fascinated by how a story could be told and the methods used to tell that story. I understood that the content of a story was only part of it, and it is the way the story is captured that allows the viewer to experience the feelings and emotions that were present in that moment. I decided that I want to be able to tell a story and capture those moments through film, so I enrolled in film school and pursue this interest. During my time in school, I grew to love what I was doing more and more. But it wasn't taking me in the direction I expected. The more I worked with the camera the more I understood photography, and how closely related they are. I started to channel what I was learning toward photography and soon realized my love for it. School taught me what I need to know to pursue an interest, but it was up to me to develop the creativity and style. My style of photography is directly related to my background in film, and I like to maintain a more unique cinematic style in my work.


Lastly, you might be wondering what brought me to St. Louis, Missouri. Like I said before, it's the people around us that help shape us into who we are. In 2011, I was in my second year of business school and some friends and I went down to Galveston, Texas for what was suppose to be a guys fishing trip. That changed when we met a group of girls from St. Louis, and there is where I met Rosie. There is a longer story of this available from her but this is where our story started. After three years of being a thousand miles apart and seeing each other a few times a year, I decided I wanted to pursue my passion and be with the person I loved most. Rosie has been my biggest support and been with me every step of the way. I married my best friend in September 2018, and I wouldn't be where I am without her and wouldn't be in the amazing place of St. Louis that I am able to call home. We love working together and supporting each other through photography work.